Brain Break Balloons

I just wanted to thank Martina Bex and Cynthia Hitz for these AMAZING brain break ideas and spread the word to my followers about this idea! My 90-minute middle school CI classes DEFINITELY need energizing breaks. I took this post to heart and created my own Break Break Balloons Bulletin Board. (Actually my 8th grader T.A. created it…. because WHO has that much time?!)

photo 1

The way I implement my brain breaks are:

  1. Each balloon is filled with one of Martina Bex’s brain break ideas.
  2. At the beginning of class ONE student has the job of pulling TWO random names from the Chile/Queso/Estrella jar.
  3. The first name drawn will be the Cantaninja. They get a sword and with a loud HIYA get to stop space and time to start the song for the unit.
  4. The second name drawn will be the Brain Breaker. They choose when to do the brain break, they pop the balloon with a thumbtack and they read what is inside.

A few things I LOVE about this idea:

  1. It creates a sense of novelty. The students were pumped to see the balloons and were instantly intrigued.
  2. It makes the Brain Break student-driven. Which is not only something that I am evaluated on, but is visibly beneficial to our class community and the give-take harmony between students and teachers.
  3. It gives the students empowerment in their classroom experience and a chance to step up as a leader. They get to decide when to do the break and which balloon they choose.
  4. It increases buy-in. The randomness of it means that I am not the one imposing this break on them, and they are just more likely to enjoy it!
  5. It gives me a break so I can be a better teacher when we come back as a class.

I love continually learning from these CI teachers! ¡Gracias, queridas colegas!


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