Reviewing the Tape

So, I really do hate video-taping myself and watching it. And now that I have done that, I am going to broadcast it to the world. This is an act of bravery in hopes that it will help me grow as a professional and make me a GREAT TPRS/CI teacher.

Here are a few things I noticed. I will attempt to correct these over the next few weeks and I will post again, letting you know how it went!

Here is the video!

Room for improvement:
1. I need to add more repetitions to my circling. (I believe that is what all TPRS teachers mean by circling slower.)
2. I need more quick-fire circling (yes/no, either/or, comparing students) before I add more information.
3. I was afraid of students getting bored, that’s why I didn’t circle one piece of information as much. What is actually happening, is students are getting bored because they are lost.
4. I need to be more explicit about what is the correct answer and not let them get away with giving me the wrong answer, or giving me the answer when I am talking with the actor.
5. I need to be MORE strict about zero English and I need to speak less English! (I give out ONE Págame but should give out more.)

A couple of good things:
1. I have PQA counters standing up at the board, counting our reps of target structures.
2. I have some pop-up grammar.
3. I point to my vocab and question words.

I am continually striving to be the best teacher I can be, even if it means completely putting myself out there. That said, please send along any comments, tips or questions!


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