My Infographic Syllabus

Thank you so much to Mme Farabaugh’s post about her infographic syllabus!

I took inspiration from that post to create my own. I teach junior high, so I strive to be extra explicit about my expectations.

I worked to incorporate:

  • TPRS/CI best practices
  • Growth Mindset, a la Dweck
  • Love & Logic
  • Thinking maps
  • Basic life skills (such as how to compose an e-mail)

I linked the ACTFL can-do statements and studies on the benefits of language learning. You can see the links if you go to the web version here: Intro Spanish 1 | Piktochart Infographic

intro spanish 1(I sure hope Sr. Wooly doesn’t mind that I borrowed Billy la Bufanda for the end of the syllabus.)

Thanks for reading!
– Lauren


2 thoughts on “My Infographic Syllabus

  1. This is an amazing syllabus – I love how outlined you are! I’ll be teaching middle school this year as well and might have to snag a few of your ideas for extras rules/procedures. Glad I could help you!


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