Going Deskless!

Last year I submitted a Budget Proposal to go deskless. The only thing I really needed to purchase were the SeatSacks. I will just call them “bolsillas” to avoid saying “sack” in a room of middle schoolers.

In each Seat Sack, each student has a whiteboard, Expo markers, an erase and a golf pencil. I went to Home Depot yesterday and got a huge sheet of glossy whiteboard cut into individual whiteboard pieces. 28 boards for $14! The boards will double as their hard surface to write on.


I have also created some comfortable spaces for students to free read or work individually.

I got this chair off of Craigslist and reupholstered it. I think I will give this chair to the Story Details Writer, so they have a hard surface to write on.


This comfy chair will be reserved for La Persona Especial, gracias a Bryce Hedstrom.


Here’s my FVR library, with pillows that I sewed from old school t-shirts.


Class Procedure posters and my objectives wall. I added a Target Language Progress bar to spark some competition among which classes can stay in the TL the longest. I also have a place on the board to keep track of Target Structure Repetitions and P.A.T. points. (Preferred Activity Time. When they get 10 points, they can choose a game/activity. Here’s my list of PAT options). (Sorry for the blurry pic!)


I bought these clickers on Amazon to count Target Structure reps. I also have my Fast-Finishers (Terminators) Binder, full of Martina Bex fast-finisher worksheets.


High Frequency Verbs and a Growth Mindset poster


As far as going deskless,



One thought on “Going Deskless!

  1. I love this!! Thanks for the great idea on making whiteboards – I’m going to try that!! Attempting to go deskless this next week…I’d love to hear how it’s going for you! 🙂


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