I am doing a traditional written final with my Spanish 1A (7th grade) and a project-based final for Spanish 1B (8th grade). Borrow any of these resources if they work for you!

8th grade Spanish 1B Final Project

Writing a prompt is like making a wish from a genie. If you don’t word it correctly, you may end up with all sorts of things you didn’t ask for. That said, I have made LOTS of mistakes in creating prompts from which the genie granted me some poorly cobbled together, Google-translated messes of projects. I have learned from these mistakes and I think I am finally ready to make a flawless genie wish.

Here is the (hopefully) fool-proof, check-list format for my 8th graders’ final project.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 12.29.14 PM

Complete documents:
jh 2 semester 1 final project pdf
jh 2 semester 1 final project docx

They will be writing and illustrating their own story. Then they will present a small piece of their story to the class. The class will take a 3 question true/false quiz after each presentation.

This will allow me to assess:
writing proficiency using target structures and accurate grammar (I will use Ben Slavic’s Writing Targets rubric, as we have been using all year.)
speaking proficiency (I will just assess this informally, as I have been taking speaking data through Oral Proficiency Assessments)
listening proficiency as they take the true/false quiz
some reading proficiency since some students will display their story on the ActivBoard. I generally assess reading proficiency more often than any other skill, so this is a change of pace.

I have also borrowed the idea from somewhere on Señora Hitz’s blog, though I can’t find it now, to bring cheese and crackers and juice to make it more of a reception. I believe she did that during a gallery walk activity. My hope is that it will create a more relaxed atmosphere, where affective filters are lowered, so we can create an experience as a class.

7th Grade Spanish 1A Final
Spanish 1A has completed:

  • Look I Can Talk 1.1
  • Martina Bex Unit 1
  • Martina Bex Unit 2
  • TPR with Bex Unit 3
  • Guapo unit with adjectives
  • 7-8 Persona Especial interviews

Here is the review packet I created:
spanish 1a tprs final review packet pdf
spanish 1a tprs final review packet docx
Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 12.43.53 PM

And the final:
spanish 1a tprs semester 1 final pdf
spanish 1a tprs semester 1 final docx

Here’s to a stress-free finals week!

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