Job Request Form

In order for students to get a 10/10 on Bryce Hedstrom’s Participation Grading Scale, they must volunteer for and do class jobs well. I give students this Job Request form AFTER they assess themselves on Bryce’s rubric, of which I have a giant poster in my class (see below).


This Job Request form makes it easy for me to track which jobs they have had and which jobs they want. I am giving this form to my students this week so I can have new jobs chosen for them after break! Here is my job request form and classroom jobs spreadsheet for anyone who is interested.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.41.02 AM.png

Students jobs give students ownership of their learning and create an interdependent community of learners. Student jobs also allow for differentiation. The energetic students can have a role that incorporates movement. The GT students can have an added challenge.

Along with the Bryce rubric (Here is a 1/2 sheet version participation rubric), I give them a short growth mindset talk. I live by this mindset and I share it with my students. I tell them: no matter what level you are at, take a moment to celebrate your improvement, then, take a moment to set a new goal to continually challenge yourself.




6 thoughts on “Job Request Form

  1. Two different administrators in my school mentioned the concepts of grit and mindsets this year; I’m so glad to see them appear in a FL classroom 🙂
    Also, love your question word posters! (no English!)


    1. Hi Lori! The unicornio celebrates anything. You could give them phrases to say that are happy/encouraging. I also use them as the birthday celebrators. Pobrecito person just says Pobrecit@ when someone is sad. The Owl says “Who” whenever I use the word ¿quién? 🙂


    1. Caballero is the person who brings the sword to the cantaninja. Check out Martina Bex’s blog for info on the Cantaninja. Policía is someone who keeps track of who is speaking English. I don’t really use that one anymore because it just never really worked out for me!


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