Job Request Form

In order for students to get a 10/10 on Bryce Hedstrom’s Participation Grading Scale, they must volunteer for and do class jobs well. I give students this Job Request form AFTER they assess themselves on Bryce’s rubric, of which I have a giant poster in my class (see below).


This Job Request form makes it easy for me to track which jobs they have had and which jobs they want. I am giving this form to my students this week so I can have new jobs chosen for them after break! Here is my job request form and classroom jobs spreadsheet for anyone who is interested.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.41.02 AM.png

Students jobs give students ownership of their learning and create an interdependent community of learners. Student jobs also allow for differentiation. The energetic students can have a role that incorporates movement. The GT students can have an added challenge.

Along with the Bryce rubric (Here is a 1/2 sheet version participation rubric), I give them a short growth mindset talk. I live by this mindset and I share it with my students. I tell them: no matter what level you are at, take a moment to celebrate your improvement, then, take a moment to set a new goal to continually challenge yourself.





4 thoughts on “Job Request Form

  1. Two different administrators in my school mentioned the concepts of grit and mindsets this year; I’m so glad to see them appear in a FL classroom 🙂
    Also, love your question word posters! (no English!)


    1. Hi Lori! The unicornio celebrates anything. You could give them phrases to say that are happy/encouraging. I also use them as the birthday celebrators. Pobrecito person just says Pobrecit@ when someone is sad. The Owl says “Who” whenever I use the word ¿quién? 🙂


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