Fruit Santa: Teaching Food

VIDEO of me teaching this lesson!

I started with a grocery bag.

I pulled out an apple and asked “¿Qué es esto?” (What is this?)

We circled its size, its color and whether it is is masculine or feminine.IMG_4461

Then I asked if Student A eats apples and prompted full sentence responses. If they do eat it, they got to hold on to the apple.

I went back to the grocery bag, pulled out an orange and asked “¿Qué es esto?,” inconspicuously adding to the Tree Map of masculine food and feminine food, and circled facts about the orange. I gave the orange to the student.

After a while, I started asking about likes; “¿Te gustan uvas?” If a student liked uvas un poco (a little) they got one grape. If they liked them mucho, they got a whole bunch. IMG_4473

After every student had a piece of fruit (I didn’t circle EVERY kid) they got up, and, fruit in hand, asked each other “¿Qué es esto?” and other questions like “¿Comes naranjas?” I gave them a speaking cheat sheet but they used it sparingly.

Target words: strawberries, oranges, grapes, eats, likes

Grammar: masculine/feminine nouns, indefinite articles, gustar, yo form, tú form, él/ella form, adjective agreement (Did they know they were learning ALL this…. NO!! But they did learn it!)

Side effect: The kids were PUMPED to eat fruit. Especially beneficial during cold season!

IMG_4485 (1)

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