Swab the Poop Deck! Two Pirate Poop Jokes for Pre-Reading Piratas del Caribe

Here are a couple of jokes that I CI-ified to access my students’ background knowledge of pirates and pirate vocabulary prior to reading Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto.

Joke 1: La Gaviota (The Seagull)
Target Structures: ¿Qué te pasó?, la mano, la pierna, high-frequency verbs in past tense
Anticipatory set: Students described pirates in Spanish using a circle map with partners. Then, we brought a student up to play the part of a pirate and discuss the characteristics of a pirate.
Joke Script: pirata chiste seagull
Slides: pre pirates day 1
Joke Skeleton: Pirate walks into a bar and explains why he has a peg leg and a hook. As for the eye patch, a bird pooped in his eye and “It was my first day with my hook.”
Props: An eye patch, a hook, a sword, a glass for the bartender to be cleaning

Below, my lovely 8th-graders, embracing the silliness.

Joke 2: Pantalones Marrones
Target structures: 
miraba el mar y vio – was looking at the sea and saw
tráeme mi camisa roja – bring me my red shirt
luchó – fought
se murió – died
Anticipatory Set: Warm-up Students quickly drew what a pirate would wear on the creepiest looking paper doll I could find. Click here for “Construye un pirata” handout
Clothes TPR:
Game: Form a circle with one less chair than the amount of people. The student who doesn’t have a chair calls out “Llevo rojo.” (“I’m wearing red.”) Any other students wearing red have to move to another seat. The new person in the middle then has to call out a sentence with something they are wearing.
– Round 1: Llevo + color.
– Round 2: Llevo + clothes.
– Round 3: Llevo + clothes and color.
Song: I pre-teach La Camisa Negra by Juanes and personalize clothes vocabulary. Joke Script: pantalones marrones chiste
Slides: pre pirates day 2
Joke Skeleton: First mate sees a pirate ship on the horizon, the captain is very calm, and says “Bring me my red shirt.” They fight and win. Next day, there are 2 pirates ships. The captain says “Bring me my red shirt.” They fight and win. The first mate asks “Why do you always ask for your red shirt?” Captain replies “If I get hurt in battle, the crew can’t see the blood and will continue to fight, unafraid.” Next day, there are 10 pirate ships on the horizon. The crew looks to their fearless leader. The captain shouts out, “Bring me my brown pants!”
Props: Captain hat, construction paper telescope, construction paper boats, pirate hats, swords, red shirt, brown pants.

I mean, what’s more compelling than poop jokes? decadd7edb6b1014ca0cb7a1afcb8ea3


3 thoughts on “Swab the Poop Deck! Two Pirate Poop Jokes for Pre-Reading Piratas del Caribe

  1. Lauren, I have a question for you. I am about to order a classroom set of novels for my eighth grade Spanish I class. Is this your favorite novel for this level? I have narrowed it down to either Piratas or Agentes Secretos but I am having a hrad time deciding. It will be our only novel this year and I want the students to really enjoy it! Thanks for your input 🙂


  2. Hi Tracy! It is the only novel I have for 8th grade, so I don’t have much to compare it to. Last year, my students found it to be kind of hard. This year, I am trying to pre-teach more vocab so they can just enjoy it. I will let you know how it goes. I think I would prefer an easier book to boost their confidence and keep it fun! I would like to try Agentes secretos and I also want to have El nuevo Houdini at least for my FVR library, because it has present tense on one side and past on the other for instant differentiation!

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  3. Piratas draws boys and girls in my 8th grade class. They especially love using se enamora and besa in their predictions about the romantic sub plot. Readers theatre for this book is awesome and helps weaker students visualize the action.


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