What is Active Engagement?

But first! What is active engagement? Why should students be actively engaged?

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Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 9.32.02 AM

Based on the levels of learner engagement and my experience in the classroom, here are the steps that teachers can take to reach highest level of engagement.

  • The base level, compliance, is that your students know what they need to do, due to strong routines and expectations.
  • The next level, scaffolding, means that the teacher has provided enough support so students can do it.
  • To reach the next level, the lesson has to be compelling, either via a good story, personalization, movement, interaction with other students, or any other creative twist the teacher adds.
  • Then, in order to reach and motivate all students, the lesson has to support slower-acquiring students and challenge faster-acquiring students.

As I read this, Edutopia: How do we know when students are engaged? , I noticed that TPRS teachers are already actively engaging students every day. My next post will highlight strategies for actively engaging students in reading.


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