Spanish 2 Interview Lesson: Intro to Bex “El que se enoja, pierde”

Today I interviewed for the high school position that is open in my school. I currently teach 7th and 8th, and I’m ready to try something new. (Within 10 minutes, I got the offer!)

The class is just starting Martina Bex’s El que se enoja, pierde unit. Here is the lesson I created to introduce and personalize that vocabulary and reinforce the past tense. You are welcome to borrow this and adapt it for your purposes!

Target vocab:
– se enojó
– se rió
– ganó
– perdió

Basic Structure:

  1. Warm-up: Matching words to pictures
  2. Whole Brain Teaching: Magic Mirrors with the words
  3. Whole Brain Teaching: Teach, Okay! with the new words
  4. Simple TPR (I ended up cutting this from the lesson)
  5. Watch this video and PQA with the video
  6. Invite two students to play the game. You have 30 seconds, if you laugh, you lose. PQA with the students about who won or lost, etc.

Here are my slides and lesson plan.

Spanish 2 Demo Lesson
el que se enoja lesson





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