Whole Brain Teaching to Introduce Vocab: Video Demo

Chris Biffle, the founder of Whole Brain Teaching, presented at the fall conference for CCFLT this year. I was so engaged throughout his whole lesson and decided to incorporate some Whole Brain Teaching into my TPRS lessons.

I use Whole Brain teaching as an engagement strategy and as classroom management.

In this video, you will see:
Class, Yes (Clase, dime): I use Clase, Dime as an attention-getter. I say clase and they say dime. If I say clase clase, they say dime dime, (or any iteration I chose.)
Mirror Words (Espejos): I put up the mirrors, students put up their mirror,  then mimic all of my words and actions.
Teach, Okay (Enseña, Vale): After I teach a couple structures, sentences or grammatical patterns with Mirror words, I clap twice and say “Enseña” Students clap twice and say “Vale.” At the same time, they turn to their partner. Partner 1 teaches what I just taught them during mirror words. When they finish, partner 2 teaches the same thing.
Scoreboard: If students transition quickly, or show their mastery of a procedure, or do anything else wonderfully they get a 10th grade point. They celebrate with one clap and an “Oh yeah!” or “O sí.” If they do not meet my standards, they get a 6th grade point. When they get a 6th grade point, they let out a MIGHTY GROAN, in the style of Napoleon Dynamite’s “UGH.” If they earn more 10th grade points at the end of the day, they earn ONE point towards Preferred Activity Time. The idea is that we hold them to a high standard and challenge them to perform 2 grade levels above their current grade.

Here is a video of Chris Biffle explaining these systems in depth.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.10.52 AM.png



3 thoughts on “Whole Brain Teaching to Introduce Vocab: Video Demo

  1. I am absolutely “eating up” your blog! I used to own “Parenting with Love and Logic”, which I loved for helping me be a better mom, but I am just getting back into the classroom and I love the idea of using those principles with my students. With regard to what I would like to see more of…for me…it is beneficial to see how you practice the structures and how you reinforce the behaviors you would like to see while discouraging those you would like to see less of. You are a fantastic teacher. Also I would love to see you storyasking. Thank you for sharing your talents!!


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