Job Description Posters

I created these poster to hang in my class so students understand the job description and purpose, and I do not have to continually train students who are new to that job. This idea came from my good friend, and inspirational teacher, Emily Hart.

Please feel free to adapt them to your class!

Editable Version: job description posters
PDF Version: job description posters

(There are two ‘interpreter’ posters to choose from, depending on your audience. I generally just like to make myself laugh when I make my materials, so that’s why I included the Key & Peele one.)

9 thoughts on “Job Description Posters

  1. I love how you expand on ideas and make them better. The posters are fantastic and an obvious next step now that i see them. I especially like the graphic designer with Bob Ross–here’s to classrooms full of happy little teens.


  2. I was wondering if the students that have a job have a special tool or name tag to help you keep up with their jobs. Another questions I have is how long do they keep their jobs or have often do you assign new jobs. Thank you again for your amazing posters and ideas in this blog!


    1. Hi Luz! Students keep their job for about a quarter. If they want to switch jobs on an individual basis between the quarters, that works! The jefe can also fire them if they aren’t doing their jobs and hire someone new. I have a secretary keep track of all of the jobs using a spreadsheet on a clipboard. I assign jobs using the job request form (that’s a little earlier in my blog). This year, I am trying to be more hands off with it and give the students more reign of managing jobs.


  3. Thanks for sharing!

    I love the idea of “El Culpable”! What does the description “reinforcing our operating procedures” mean for that job description?


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