CI Classroom Tour

Welcome to my classroom! I have been inspired by so many other CI teachers. My classroom is a reflection of all that I have learned/stolen from other brilliant teachers.14039905_10154479406226155_93205142381201917_n

The idea for High Frequency Posters was taken from Mike Peto’s post. The vowel sounds posters were something I made my first year of teaching and who knows where that document is! The chairs were a summer project for me. I scoured Craigslist every day, then these beauties popped up- for free! I was terrified to rent a truck and drive it 50 miles, but I did! I loaded up 35 chairs from a church that was giving them away, drove them to my school and unloaded them all myself!

14064143_10154479406206155_2267031474569335975_nI post my objectives every day. I have some stock objectives in the folder below. I laminated them an attached magnetic strips to them. You can download them here: objectives posters

The Smiley and Happy faces are for a Whole Brain Teaching scoreboard. Here is a great post on how to implement it as a classroom management strategy. It really works for all grade levels! We will keep track of class points in the smaller boxes.

The yellow poster has been stolen from Bryce Hedstrom. You can find it and how to use it here:

I sewed the t-shirt pillows for a comfortable place to sit during FVR. I also have a Fast-Finishers shelf in the corner. I added Martina Bex’s fast-finishers to a binder there and created a really cheesy cover for it with The Terminator on it. fast finisher terminator

14040068_10154479406281155_3422362605886239143_nMy Persona Especial section, again, stolen from my teaching idol, Bryce Hedstrom. You can download the posters from his site and get them enlarged.  The chair was also a Craigslist find- it was potentially stolen from University of Colorado’s library… but I know nothing of that. I covered it with a fancy blanket.

13920884_10154479406241155_4939149583844866312_nThe four agreements will be central to my classroom management this year. Here are the posters: 4 agreements

13962671_10154479406341155_8217085924488516476_nMy no-name wall. With some Adventure Time flair. If you like Adventure Time, and teach Spanish, borrow my poster! SIN NOMBRE

14045578_10154479406291155_1149219598602126843_nBrand new to my classroom this year: my FVR library and my Jobs wall.

14054047_10154479406511155_6183723657023456148_nAll of the reading posters were taken from Bryce’s site. I then labeled the section using Bryce’s Ranking the Novels sheet. (I cut out each book’s description and used contact paper to affix it to the counter.)

Newly updated Jobs Description Posters are available here.

14055121_10154479406566155_1069743008127703500_nThe bulletin board will be used to display information about La Persona Especial.

13921096_10154479406631155_423634885413274806_nEdvard is my travel companion. He is a sock monster and he is SO photogenic! I wanted to share with my students all of the places he and I have visited together- and I wanted to make sure they knew that I really don’t take myself seriously. 😛

14051737_10154479406636155_5605678209549773400_nI got the whiteboards cut at Home Depot. I just found the whiteboard material and asked if they would cut it for me. It ended up being around $20. The iPads will be used by the Graphic Designer and the Writer. I use popsicle sticks in jars to randomly choose students. I always try to keep my pens and pencils jars full for students. They can keep them.

My growth mindset poster was taken from this picture:


13935092_10154479406761155_8541794931374416865_nI made a conscious effort to put lots of pictures of my life up in my room. It’s important for students to see us as humans. I also want to tout my achievements and let them know that I am continually striving to be the best teacher I can. (You will also notice Federico, the phone-hungry monster! A great non-threatening way to confiscate a student’s phone.) I’ve also got other friends around, like Billy la Bufanda, and my cutie little bonsai.

After I took this picture, I added some rejoinders and a number poster. Feel free to use them! rejoinders  number sign

Ready or not, here they come!





2 thoughts on “CI Classroom Tour

  1. Beautiful classroom! I envy kids in your class! Throughly engaging for students in all areas and ability levels! I think the sock monster photos add a great conversation-starter piece, along with your fast finishers space, a nice spot for them.


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