Join us for the CCFLT Spring Conference!

In-state? Out-of-state? We welcome you! Come on out to gorgeous Colorado for our Spring Conference February 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2017.

CCFLT is bringing in Stephen Krashen as the keynote speaker. Dr. Krashen will be co-presenting additional sessions, sessions that were overflowing with eager teachers at ACTFL this year.

The CCFLT president, who is also my colleague and teaching idol, Bryce Hedstrom, has this to say about the upcoming conference:
“The session presenters are our peers and the best that Colorado has to offer–many of whom are recognized nationally like Toni Theisen, Noah Geisel, Janine Ericson, Lourdes Buck, Leslie Davison, Sabrina Janczak, Mira Canion, Karen Rowan, Annabelle Allen and Dale Crum. Michael Miller of Colorado Springs will be live streaming from his classroom to show us how he gets the results that made him the National German Teacher of the year–the first from a junior high school. This live teaching from the actual classroom with his students is something that I have never seen or even heard of at a conference. 

In addition many nationally, and even internationally, known presenters from outside the state have submitted proposals, including Carol Gaab (of Fluency Matters, high energy international presenter, former director of education for the San Francisco Giants), Grant Boulanger (Central States Teacher of the Year), and Darcy Pippins (Southwest Teacher of the Year).”

I am continually inspired and grateful that I live in a state that is home to, and/or supportive of, some of the best language teachers and language programs in the country. Not only am I excited to attend these sessions, but I am excited to collaborate, ideate, create, share, inspire and be inspired by this community of educators.

If you need any more reasons to come, check out this YouTube video of the top 7 reasons to attend!

Register at


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