Retell(write) Relay

This is such a simple, low-prep, high-engagement retell activity that I can’t believe I haven’t done it sooner.


Before the game:
Get students into groups of four.
Students count off 1-4.
Students 1 and 4 are partners. Students 2 and 3 are partners.
1 and 2 tell their partners everything they know about the story in 45 seconds. (English OK)
Then switch, partners  3 and 4 tell their partners everything they know about the story in 35 seconds.

The basics of RETELL RELAY:
Give them one piece of paper for the group.
One student writes one sentence to recap the story from last class,
then they pass the paper!
Keep writing and passing until time is up. (3 minutes is about right.)
When time is up, trade and grade with another group. The other group scores it.
1 point for each English sentence
3 points for each Spanish sentence
(Or however you want to score it.)

In my class this week, the winning team earned a privilege. They could choose who had to go up to the board and draw part of the mural for the next activity, the Cooperative Mural.

These are the instructions I posted in class for the pre-game activity and the game. 






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