Adventure Time MovieTalk

This week in Spanish 1, I MovieTalked an episode of Adventure Time called Thank You. It is about an unlikely friendship between a Snow Golem and a Firefox. There is almost no dialogue but the cuteness of the main character makes it compelling.

Resources for this lesson include:
– 3 ActivInspire flipcharts
– PowerPoint of Screen Shots and annotations for easy MovieTalking
– Abridged slides with annotations for a reading
– Kahoot quiz for the day after to see which structures need more repetition
– Fan N Pick cards for cooperative practice (visit for how to use them)
– True/False and fill-in-the-blank Quiz

Resources are in this Google Drive folder!

Note: This MovieTalk is 10 minutes long. I recommend choosing a short segment of it, to keep it novel and avoid fatigue.

Here are my students working on the Fan N Pick!
Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 9.14.47 AM.png

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