Back-to-School Resources Part 1: Posters

I know. It’s not time to go back, yet. Just save this for later in the month when you’re emotionally ready. 

Here are some resources I will be using to set up my classroom this year.

Job Description Posters:

Job Description posters pdf   Job Description posters editable  My plan is to laminate them and hang them up with Velcro. When I assign a new job, or when a student forgets their job description, I will pass the poster to them. More information on jobs in a previous post: How I Do Class Jobs

Reading Quotes and How to Choose Reading Material

Bryce Hedstrom has so many brilliant resources that he generously shares on his site. I love these reading quotes. I will spend a few moments before free reading to highlight one of the quotes every so often.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 7.15.07 PM

How to Choose Reading Material

P.S…. What do you think Krashen would say about this Mitch Hedberg quote? Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 7.13.54 PM

High Frequency Verbs in Past and Present Tense

This idea is borrowed from Mike Peto in his post here. You can see my high frequency verbs posters above me.


Rules Poster

I still haven’t decided which rules I want to go with this year. Do I want the rules to be broad or more specific?

One option is Bryce’s Participation scale:

Or Scott Benedict’s five rules:

  1. “It’s not okay to talk to your neighbors.
  2. Listen with your ears and your eyes.
  3. Don’t sink! Ask questions!
  4. Make smart choices.
  5. Keep Profe happy.”

Or my five rules, partially stolen from Annabelle Allen.


Rejoinders Wall! 

Rejoinders are phrases that keep the conversation moving. Phrases like “No way!” “That’s not fair.” and “Awesome!” See my previous post for how Grant Boulanger uses rejoinders.

Question Words with Word Walls

I stole this from Jason Fritze:
Underneath your question words, give students a bank of WORDS THEY ALREADY KNOW (without the translation) that can help them answer the question/invent an answer. For example:

¿Quién? (Who)
la profesora
el muchacho

These words can be written on Post-It Paper so you can add to them and change them throughout the year.

Visual Aides to Promote Ease of Conversation

See these posters in more detail on this post.

Los Números

Very simple numbers poster..once I tape them all together. Numbers poster pdf

Growth Mindset Poster

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 9.22.35 PM.png


This seems like a lot of posters. I don’t want to overwhelm the students with tooo much visual stimuli but I do want to provide them with lots of cues. I moved schools so I will have to see how it looks once I get into my class.

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