Visual Supports for Novices

Great for early PQA about emotions. And the little words that we sometimes use without explicitly teaching.
For TPR practice and teaching class procedures in the TL.
I taught these signals on Day 1, just like TPR. Students can help co-create the signals, or you can create them. Or you can pretend like they created them, but you actually did. “I saw someone in the back do this action. I love it!” ;P
I never thought I would use this one very much, since we don’t have to teach them to fill in the blank with “jugar”____ (él). However, using these naturally, with the visual support, provides more ease and fluidity during PQA.
I LOVE this necesita poster, from my new colleague Arturo Acosta. Below, the flags, are where I will keep track of the class’ PAT points. Each class will be represented by a country.
I ❤ my new rules poster! Borrowed significantly from Scott Benedict.
What a view, right? I created a few locations in the room (las montañas, el cine, and el parque) to aid in acquisition of place names as we TPR. “Walk to the park. Look at the park. Run to the mountains. etc”
New this year: A place to write today’s high and low temperature and the current temperature. This idea was stolen from Sabrina Janczak who has her students guess the temperature.


Look at this beautiful school!
First day selfie!

9 thoughts on “Visual Supports for Novices

    1. De rien! 🙂
      Stop/not clear: fist to palm
      Slow down: palms facedown, motion downward.
      Write it: Write in the air (as if you’re asking for the check)
      I’d like to speak in English: a raised hand!


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