My first day of class: ¡Como yo!

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I learned this protocol from Connie Navarro, who used it as a community-builder during our CCFLT meeting.

I applied it to my first day of class. As I PQAed “What do you like to do?” I encouraged students to shout “¡Como yo!” (just like me!) if they heard something that also describes them. Modifications: Instead of snapping, I think I would’ve just had them say Ooohh “because everything in Spanish class is the most interesting thing you’ve ever heard.”

I started out in English with:

  • Jenny goes to East High School.
  • Frank is a sophomore.
  • Jessie has a notebook.

I then went on to describe a little bit about myself, in Spanish.

  • I am from Chicago.
  • I like to eat. I like to eat pizza. I like to eat Chicago-style pizza.
  • I have a friend. (When no one said “como yo” I made fun of them for having no friends.”)

Students had written their name and drawn an activity they like to do on their name card. So I jumped into some PQA.

  • Riley likes to play baseball. etc.

The cool thing about this activity was that:

  1. It created instant connections among students.
  2. It was an easy comprehension check.
  3. …and this is the best one… It has seeped into our daily class. When we PQA, students use “como yo” when they hear something like them! It validates the person who is talking. It shows that we are not alone.

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