Song Unit for Homecoming

This unit was PERFECT for homecoming week.

Song: DUELE EL CORAZON Enrique Iglesias

LYRICS “duele el corazon” ready to be cut up in chunks.

For 2 days in a row, before you use the song in class:
Play DUELE EL CORAZON as they enter. Do not talk about it. This is very important to create buy-in and to get them to hear and feel the song without judging it.

Day 2: 
PQA: “estás enfermo? ¿qué te duele? with pictures or with students.
PQA: vas a ir a homecoming? vas a bailar mucho? has comprado zapatos nuevos? los zapatos son cómodos? te duelen los pies cuando bailas? GOLDEN QUESTION: “¿Qué prefieres: qué te duelen los pies o te duele el corazón?”

Day 3
Continue day 2’s PQA
TPR and PQA: le da and se va

Students have a bag of cut up lyrics. Students listen to the song and find the chorus part 1 and part 2. When they hear the chorus part 1, hold it up. When they hear chorus part 2, hold it up.

Exit ticket: Translate with your partner “Con él te duele el corazón, conmigo te duelen los pies.”

Day 4:  Friday before Homecoming!!
Students work with a partner to put all of the lyrics in order. They will probably ask to hear it twice! Let them!

Then, play this song and let them dance!!

My rules for dancing:
1. Everyone must be standing. You do not have to dance, but you have to stand.
2. Everyone must be facing the board.
3. No videotaping. What happens in Spanish class stays in Spanish class.
4. You do you! We’re not here to judge other people.


8 thoughts on “Song Unit for Homecoming

    1. Some classes got more into it than others, but I find that students are usually skeptical the first time. If we do it more often, and I continually reinforce the guidelines, they usually start feeling more comfortable! The part that made it the most successful, I think, was the fact that they heard the song a lot before starting to dance.


  1. Thanks so much! This looks like a lot of fun! Dancing is great brain break or Friday activity! Have you used any of the Bailonga activities on Zambombazo? Here are a few others that might be fun for your kids as a follow up once they get brave enough to dance: and here’s another: and here’s a few other fun ones: Soy yo (salsation version) . el baile del pollo el baile de gorilla asereje (de las Ketchup) and the

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