Three Teaching Hacks to Make your Life Real Easy.. er, Easier

East High School is full of such brilliant CI and classroom management wizards! I have upped my teaching game so much just by being surrounded by them!

Three Organizational Tricks to Make Your Life Easier:

1. Notecards of Justice

Credit: Sarah Rasay/Connie Navarro Instead of popsicle sticks, put notecards on rings. One class on the lined side, one class on the blank side. Voilá. No more accidentally dumping all of your popsicle sticks on the floor.. or trying to walk around with your clipboard and your jar of popsicle sticks. unnamed

2. Wet-Erase Rosters

Credit: Tiffany Choi. Each corner can be designated for the day. (We see students 4 days a week at my school so it works out perfectly.) At a glance you can see who was missing last class, who was tardy, who lost/earned points, etc. unnamed-1

3. The Alphabetizer

I combined the forces of Annabelle Allen and Bryce Hedstrom for this classroom wizardry.

Step 1: Give students a UNIQUE number (1-150..or however many students you have.) Period 1 will have 1-30, period 2 will have 31-60, etc. (Annabelle’s idea.)
Step 2: Train them to write it on the top right corner of their paper, every time.
Step 3: When you have a pile of collected papers, call TWO names. The first student to touch the stack of paper WINS! The LOSER takes the pile of papers and puts them in number order. (Bryce’s idea!)
Step 4: Easily put grades in the gradebook because they are already in order. Save time. Go home early.





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