Señor Wooly Mafia

Before the game: 

TPR the words goes to sleep, wakes up, dies, helps

Basic Mafia Vocab:

go to sleep, wake up, attacked, died, wanted to help/save, helped/saved, I accuse.

Basic Mafia Gameplay: No cards necessary. Personalization, a must!

CREDIT: Nina Barber and Sabrina Janczak.
Do NOT say, “We are going to play mafia, here are the rules.” Instead, say “You are all so lucky. You live in a wonderful town. The town is called (in the case of Nina Barber) Barberlandia. Everyone is very happy. Until one day, the mafia came in. They attacked a citizen. Now, the citizens are very scared. Luckily, we have the world’s best doctor. We also have a famous police force. At night the town goes to sleep. Close your eyes and go to sleep.

Tell them that you will tap 3 members of the mafia. Mafia wakes up and silently decides on one person to kill.

Tell them that you will tap 1 doctor. Doctor wakes up and silently decides who to save. If they guess correctly, that person lives.

Tell them that you will tap 1 police officer. The police officer wakes up and silently decides who to accuse. You silently tell them if they are right or not.

The town wakes up. You explain to them that one person has been attacked. You narrow down who is could have been by describing their whereabouts. (If they play hockey, say “this person was coming home from hockey practice… etc.” Incorporate ANY details you know about their personal life, that they have shared with the class.) 

Tell if the doctor was able to save them or not.

Then have the class accuse 3 people. “Acuso a…” The class votes on who of the three people. That person dies.



Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.49.37 PM

Wooly twists:

The twins don’t kill. They just dance and say their horrifying cry “es una ganga”. The people gets SO SCARED that their heart stops beating.

The doctor is VERY crazy. The person is already dead. But the doctor wants to save his life. He takes out his heart and puts it in (a shoe, a pie, a water bottle, limonada, the microwave… a backpack perhaps?)

During the night, when the twins attack, I play the Ganga karaoke soundtrack.

The townspeople want to help. When the townspeople decide who they are accusing, I make the whole town give an expressionless stare at the person before they kill them.

Note: I have NOT taught Ya Está Muerto. I am using this game to teach the vocabulary. I have also NOT taught Amnesia. I am trying to enhance the creepiness of the town and the Ganga girls before I get to it.

Do you see the vocab?! Ya está muerto vocab. Amnesia vocab “el pueblo quiere ayudar”, maybe ¡qué asco! with 

Check out my powerpoint so you can see how I weave the story and make it comprehensible.

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