7 Activities for Volar by Álvaro Soler

Working songs into my routine has been difficult this year. So, I just decided to make it part of the warm-up.

I was inspired by Jim Tripp and his blog post http://www.trippsscripts.com/single-post/2017/09/05/My-Music-Routine-Explained

My daily routine:
1. Students spend 5 minutes silently reading.
2. Students spend 5 minutes with the song of the week (or two weeks) completing an activity.
3. TPR actions for that day’s vocab
4. PQA/MovieTalk/Story/Reading Activity with brain breaks
5. Listening Quiz

Here are 7 activities you can use for a warm-up or just for teaching the song Volar by Álvaro Soler. Great for Spanish 1! If you notice typos or errors, please be merciful! But do let me know! 🙂

volar actividades docx (editable)

volar actividades pdf

4 thoughts on “7 Activities for Volar by Álvaro Soler

  1. I am curious about what you do with the half-sheets after students listen to the song and give it a go. Do you monitor what they wrote in some way? Collect them? Do you copy all of the activities then keep them together as a song packet, or do you give the kids a half sheet each day? Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and your work with us!


    1. I collect them every day (after discussing 1-2 pop-grammar or vocab points) to give them the illusion that I’m grading it. I don’t usually grade them. But I will grade the last one as an assessment grade. I don’t copy them all together because I want them to be accountable for listening to the song every day, not going ahead and filling in the rest.

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