Baby Steps to 90% or How to Manage Chaotic Classes

1_ZthF3S3oOXtqYDKz5xdM6ASarah Rasay and I presented at CCFLT on how to get yourself and your students to 90% TL.

If you are struggling to stay in the target language, of if even one of your classes are struggling,  here are our recommendations:

  1. Teach pop-up theory in student-friendly language. Teach it OVER and OVER, as if it were content. Get students to start voicing the WHY behind each activity.
  2. TEACH interpersonal skills and back it up with a grade. Do NOT just use the grade to extrinsically motivate them. Teach them HOW and WHY the interpersonal rubric will help them be successful.
  3. Have Target-Language call-backs and resets.
  4. Use TPR actions to anchor the class. Every student can be successful with this. And it requires NO student speaking.
  5. Start mini-personalization lessons with INPUT- not output.

More information and examples of these five topics are available in our presentation at:

BONUS: I highly recommend visiting Mary Overton’s blog at

Last semester, I used Mary’s Reading Rubric to reset my chaotic classes. It has absolutely changed my life. The classes that I could NOT get to settle down, now know what is expected of them from BEFORE the bell rings through the reading and the warm-up. It sets the stage for a productive and positive class. 



One thought on “Baby Steps to 90% or How to Manage Chaotic Classes

  1. I love the idea of tallying Student English and Teacher English- 10 student points and they get a Quiz….10 teacher points and they get a game. Brilliant! I like this way more than a stopwatch! I think I’ll be introducing this one to my wild 7th period!


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