Super Bowl Story: AKA Dumb Guy goes to a Party


Target Structures (brings, comes back, cooks, buys)

A guy is invited to a party. His host asks him to bring (Doritos). He cooks some (fried eggs) and brings them. His host tells him “It’s Saturday. Come back tomorrow- with Doritos.” He goes home and cooks up some (cabbage). He goes back to his friend’s house with the cabbage. His friend is so sad. He starts to cry. He says “Please please please go to Safeway and come back with Doritos.” He comes back with the Doritos. His host opens the door and is very tired. The host says “It’s Monday.”

Here is a reading in past tense for this story:la-fiesta-de-superbowl-3b

Adventure Time MovieTalk

This week in Spanish 1, I MovieTalked an episode of Adventure Time called Thank You. It is about an unlikely friendship between a Snow Golem and a Firefox. There is almost no dialogue but the cuteness of the main character makes it compelling.

Resources for this lesson include:
– 3 ActivInspire flipcharts
– PowerPoint of Screen Shots and annotations for easy MovieTalking
– Abridged slides with annotations for a reading
– Kahoot quiz for the day after to see which structures need more repetition
– Fan N Pick cards for cooperative practice (visit for how to use them)
– True/False and fill-in-the-blank Quiz

Resources are in this Google Drive folder!

Note: This MovieTalk is 10 minutes long. I recommend choosing a short segment of it, to keep it novel and avoid fatigue.

Here are my students working on the Fan N Pick!
Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 9.14.47 AM.png

Retell(write) Relay

This is such a simple, low-prep, high-engagement retell activity that I can’t believe I haven’t done it sooner.


Before the game:
Get students into groups of four.
Students count off 1-4.
Students 1 and 4 are partners. Students 2 and 3 are partners.
1 and 2 tell their partners everything they know about the story in 45 seconds. (English OK)
Then switch, partners  3 and 4 tell their partners everything they know about the story in 35 seconds.

The basics of RETELL RELAY:
Give them one piece of paper for the group.
One student writes one sentence to recap the story from last class,
then they pass the paper!
Keep writing and passing until time is up. (3 minutes is about right.)
When time is up, trade and grade with another group. The other group scores it.
1 point for each English sentence
3 points for each Spanish sentence
(Or however you want to score it.)

In my class this week, the winning team earned a privilege. They could choose who had to go up to the board and draw part of the mural for the next activity, the Cooperative Mural.

These are the instructions I posted in class for the pre-game activity and the game. 





Join us for the CCFLT Spring Conference!

In-state? Out-of-state? We welcome you! Come on out to gorgeous Colorado for our Spring Conference February 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2017.

CCFLT is bringing in Stephen Krashen as the keynote speaker. Dr. Krashen will be co-presenting additional sessions, sessions that were overflowing with eager teachers at ACTFL this year.

The CCFLT president, who is also my colleague and teaching idol, Bryce Hedstrom, has this to say about the upcoming conference:
“The session presenters are our peers and the best that Colorado has to offer–many of whom are recognized nationally like Toni Theisen, Noah Geisel, Janine Ericson, Lourdes Buck, Leslie Davison, Sabrina Janczak, Mira Canion, Karen Rowan, Annabelle Allen and Dale Crum. Michael Miller of Colorado Springs will be live streaming from his classroom to show us how he gets the results that made him the National German Teacher of the year–the first from a junior high school. This live teaching from the actual classroom with his students is something that I have never seen or even heard of at a conference. 

In addition many nationally, and even internationally, known presenters from outside the state have submitted proposals, including Carol Gaab (of Fluency Matters, high energy international presenter, former director of education for the San Francisco Giants), Grant Boulanger (Central States Teacher of the Year), and Darcy Pippins (Southwest Teacher of the Year).”

I am continually inspired and grateful that I live in a state that is home to, and/or supportive of, some of the best language teachers and language programs in the country. Not only am I excited to attend these sessions, but I am excited to collaborate, ideate, create, share, inspire and be inspired by this community of educators.

If you need any more reasons to come, check out this YouTube video of the top 7 reasons to attend!

Register at

Warm-up and Exit Sheets Take 2

After crafting the beautiful warm-up and exit ticket sheets and implementing them for a few weeks, I realized that not only is it a waste of paper, but a waste of time and effort to grade those every day.

New plan: One paper for 6 days – warm-ups on the front, exit tickets on the back.

Students are required to keep this paper every day, until day 6. If they are absent, they must check my website for the warm-up and exit.

My typical exit will be to write the words they strengthened that day.

Editable version: 6-day-warm-up-and-exit

PDF version: 6-day-warm-up-and-exit