Growth Mindset Lesson

I am taking a week-long break from Spanish to talk with students about:
a. Why are we learning Spanish like this?
b. How you will be assessed and what the heck are proficiency levels?
c.What are some skills and strategies you can use to explain yourself without English?
d. What are some skills and strategies that you can use to be a great language learner, be a collaborative classmate, overcome challenges, and be happy?

I spent a whole day teaching students about Growth Mindset because I find it such a valuable reference for students when they get stuck or frustrated.

Here is the lesson! Growth Mindset Lesson Plan

Main ideas: Growth mindset is the idea that you can grow your brain like a muscle. When you take on challenges, your brain grows, and is able to overcome adversity!

Warm-up: Watch Kid President’s pep talk, then journal for 1 minute about “What will be your Space Jam? / What can you do/be/create to make your high school experience awesome.”


  1. Warm-up game (5 minutes): group students in groups of 5-6. Play FFEACH (fast food/electrical appliance/cartoon hero.) It is a charades relay race. Demo here: You could also choose a more difficult game to give students an idea of how they respond in the face of adversity.
  2. Mindset survey. Students tally their score to find their current mindset. (5-10 min) borrowed from Sarah with the Math = Love Blog
  3. Jigsaw part 1: To set up the jigsaw, I use Martina Bex’s character cards. On the back of each character card write a number, 1-5. (MOVEMENT BREAK: Each student picks up a card after high fiving 3 students in the class.) On the back of the card, there is a number. Students are responsible for taking notes on ONLY that number chapter, using the Growth Mindset Notecatcher. Watch Class Dojo mindset series (15 minutes)
  4. Jigsaw part 2: Sit with your same character group. All students in the group will have taken notes on a different part of the series. They whiparound and starting with chapter 1, each student tells 1-2 big ideas or quotes from that chapter as the rest of the group takes notes.
  5. Mindset Texts: Using their notecatcher, in groups or individually, students will create their own growth mindset pep talks in the form of texts. growth-mindset-texts docx      growth-mindset-texts pdf

Closure: High 5 your neighbor. Then talk to them about the following question. “What did you learn about Growth Mindset that can help you in high school?”

Check in and ask deeper questions while they are working on the texts. Grade texts pages.

4 thoughts on “Growth Mindset Lesson

  1. This is BRILLIANT!! I don’t think it’s ever too late to teach kids about how to be better students/classmates/friends, etc. so I think I’ll definitely be using this in the next couple of weeks! ¡Muchísimas gracias!


  2. How awesome! Just found this and I am going to use it to kick-off our new semester! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂
    I do have a couple questions…1. Does each group watch their assigned chapter video in their group on separate devices (iPads), or does the class watch the five videos together, and each group takes notes on only their chapter’s video? 2. The link you’ve included only shows the first chapter’s video. The following videos say “Private video”. Is there another way I can access each of the five chapter videos? Thanks again!!


    1. Hi Elizabeth. I recommend watching all videos together, but, you are correct, they only have to take notes on their assigned chapter. If the videos aren’t showing up, I’d recommend going to the classdojo website or just searching classdojo growth mindset on YouTube. Best of luck!


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